shiptheoryMad Capsule Media, an independent software company specialising in ecommerce and shipping integration for e-tailers, has seen its Shiptheory business rapidly expand over the past 12 months. Last year, Mad Capsule launched a new ‘SaaS’ platform known as Shiptheory, an online flexible shipping rules engine that allows businesses to create both simple and complex shipping instructions. In its first year, Shiptheory has been integrated with 16 carriers, six new channels, built a public shipping API, formed new strategic partnerships and has grown from two founders to a team of six who handle orders that amount to incredible values of over £100,000,000.

Founded in 2008, Mad Capsule Media provides specialist ecommerce fulfilment software that helps e-tailers streamline their order processing and warehouse management operations. Mad Capsule quickly became a market leader for Magento, and Brightpearl shipping extensions, and since it was founded, has been highly innovative, creating ecommerce solutions and an array of complex processes and workflows. In fact, after becoming the leading shipping label automation agency in the UK, Shiptheory was the next inevitable step for Mad Capsule.

James Mikkleson, founder and lead developer behind Shiptheory, comments: “Shipping rules control which parcel carrier will be selected for a particular order, based on weight, order value and destination. Therefore, what we wanted to achieve by building Shiptheory was to simplify and automate what was generally a very time-consuming task for online retailers. Key to our development and the success that we have seen in the market is the fact that right from the start, we listened to what our existing and potential customers were looking for and built this into Shiptheory.”

Key milestones for Shiptheory in its first year include:

Shiptheory has completed integrations with more than 16 carriers, including: 

  • Royal Mail, Royal Mail (NetDespatch), APC Overnight, Parcelforce, UPS, FedEx, Yodel, Interlink Express & DPD, UK Mail, DHL, Palletways, XDP, Tuffnells Parcel Express, Bring, 13ten Parcels, CSM Logistics.

Six channel integrations have been successfully implemented, including:

  • Brightpearl – Brightpearl was an obvious first integration for Mad Capsule as the team has worked closely with the orgnisation over the years on both shipping and non-shipping projects. Brightpearl liked the value Shiptheory added to its platform, which, today, is a Brightpearl Gold Partner and comes bundled with Brightpearl as the preferred shipping platform in the UK.
  • Magento and Zoey – Magento is one of the most widely used open source ecommerce platforms available on the market. Magento’s functionality is available from the core infrastructure, making it easy for third party developers to create and build extensions. Almost a year after integrating Shiptheory with Magento, it was then integrated with Zoey. Zoey is a premium ecommerce platform that was built using Magento as its foundation base.
  • Visualsoft – An award winning ecommerce agency with a reputation for creating great online experiences, its bespoke ecommerce platform is at the heart of what they do.
  • Shopify – Over 12,000 ecommerce stores online rely on Shopify. With a healthy app marketplace adding additional functionality to the core platform, Shopify is an excellent place to be if you are looking for managed store.
  • Exact Online – An ecommerce platform packed with out-of-the-box functionality, such as warehousing, project management and accountancy to name just a few.

Additionally, in May 2016, the company released its public Shipping API. This opened Shiptheory up to the ecommerce community, providing one seamless endpoint for all of its supported carriers.

Today, Shiptheory is constantly working in partnership with carriers and therefore understands first-hand the time and effort involved in developing a flexible, robust carrier integration.

By Alison