Courier News is the only magazine for the courier and express delivery industry and attracts on average 60,000 visitors with over 96,000 page views per month.

Your direct route to the courier and express delivery industry — find new customers and build stronger business relationships with Courier News

Courier News reaches a highly influential audience of senior decision makers within the courier, haulage, exporting and retail industries. Providing our readers with an informative mix of industry news, product reviews, interviews and features on a broad range of industry topics.

Strategically position your brand within Courier News to put yourself in front of leaders in the express parcel and courier industry. With an audience of over 60,000 website visitors a month, our brand awareness opportunities enable you to reach valuable prospects, capture mindshare and encourage direct response. Courier News offers a range of integrated marketing opportunities and a variety of campaign elements —digital ads, email broadcasting, social media and more — that can be customised to meet your business goals.

Partner with Courier News to showcase your expertise to elite industry professionals. We will work alongside your marketing team to develop a multi-channel plan and create content that communicates your thought leadership, resonates in the marketplace and reaches your target audience. Distributing content through our unique network maximizes your reach, reinforces your position as a go-to provider and strengthens your influence within the market.

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Promotional Opportunities

We offer a range of different ways to promote your brand, products or services to key decision makers within the global mail and express industry. Options can be tailored to your needs and budget. Depending on the nature of your advertising objectives we can create an appropriate campaign utilising the many opportunities within the website.

Banner Advertising

Raise brand awareness and engage with thousands of readers every day with banner advertising on prominent locations on the website.

Newsletter sponsorship

Bring your brand directly to our thousands of newsletter subscribers via their in-box through our weekly newsletters.

Marketing lists

Target market your potential customers with our tailor made email marketing lists, choose from over 600,000 key prospects across various industry sectors.

Directory entry

Increase industry awareness of your company and its offerings, attract leads and provide contact details for customers to contact you with an entry in our industry directory.

Bespoke emails

Reach our mailing list of professionals in the courier and express delivery industry who have opted to keep up to date with email bulletins.

Media Pack

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